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“I did have a wonderful childhood. I was a starter… I became self-conscious, not good enough, and a follower to feel OK. I was afraid of drugs. I always had this fear that I was going to go crazy and never come back. I had anxiety as a kid, which is pretty much gone now…. I had migraines before I drank. Drinking took all that away… I drank because it made me feel good… It cut me loose.”

“My parents didn’t use drugs or drink to excess… they lived a clean life. My brothers and sisters drank a lot and they were a lot older than me, and that was the only place I saw it…. My mother’s father was alcoholic… a couple of brothers who I think are alcoholics, and perhaps two sisters who are alcoholics….”



Have you ever experienced addiction, directly (self) or indirectly (family or significant other)? Please tell us about it.

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