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Expressions of Addiction


Addiction is not a property of a drug or other object. Addiction
reflects a relationship between people and their activities. Although
there are different expressions of addiction, the underlying processes
that lead into and out of these different expressions are similar.

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Elaine S:

Stanley W:

Ed T:

Steven G:
Drugging, gambling,
shopping, smoking, and eating

Christopher L:
Drinking and drugging

Donna Z:
Gambling and shopping

Gino G:
Drinking and drugging

Peggie M:
Drinking and drugging

Richard B:
Smoking and drugging

Arthur D:
Drinking, drugging, smoking, and gambling

John H:

Randall C:
Drinking and drugging

Deb L:

Blake W:

Julian G:

Bill S:

Meredith S:
Coffee drinking




Have you ever experienced addiction, directly (self) or indirectly (family or significant other)? Please tell us about it.

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